Sunday, 23 October 2011


NaNoWriMo officially known as National Novel Writing Month which consists of writing a novel of at least 50,000 words or more in the short space of 30 days. Running from November 1st right through to November 30th. Thousands upon thousands take part in this and this year for the first time, I will be one of those participants. I've never written a novel of 50,000 words before, let alone write that many words in one day.. not ever.

Am I scared? ... A little.

Am I ready for it? ... I sure hope to be.

Is everything planned out that needs planning? ... Not in the slightest but we'll get there eventually. To tell the truth, I'm bricking it! But I'm also looking forward to the madness of writing for the love of writing, writing for one's self and not for someone else. Writing for the pleasure and passion that it brings to the inner most complicated soul ever possible.

Do I expect to have a novel of more that 50,000 words at the end of it all? ... No, I don't expect that, so the question begs to be asked. What do I hope to gain from putting myself through this madness and what do others hope to gain from it all. As some see it as complete madness and a waste of time, I and many others like me, see it as branching out and taking up a self limited challenge. The outcome from it all, I hope to take is writing discipline. To be able to write to a daily limit and push my writing restraints. Whether I'll become a better writer from it is yet to be seen but then, I'm not writing for someone else. I might right in the memory of someone but not for anyone but myself.

I may track my progress on this blog or on Facebook. I've yet to get that far ahead in my planning of what needs doing. Currently I'm looking at character sheets, planning and descriptions for characters and how to bring about those said descriptions into the novel for this project.

The hardest part, I believe is pushing myself to get it done. Thus for NaNo I have chosen to work on a different novel idea that falls into a different genre from the one that's already in progress that relates to my last posting on here from some time ago... yes.... it still isn't finished. The progress for that one has been slow due a series of knock on events. Which is why November is turning out to be an important month and one of which I am looking forward to instead of dreading, like I have been for the last so many years.

Roll on November!


  1. I enjoyed your post. I do NaNo because it's fun. And because it gives me a clear-cut goal to reach: 50,000 words. That's it. The only true goal. So, nothing can get in the way but fatigue, (which it will try to do). I try not to read much of what I've written. That comes in January.

    Reaching a goal is very satisfying, and it builds self-confidence. It allows us to work at writing without our self-critic peering over a shoulder. It's also like a month-long writing class. Almost every writing book tells us that we learn to write by writing.

    Best of luck to you!!!

  2. Thanks Patti.

    You are very right in what you say. My fingers don't want to wait any longer, I'll soon have to tie them together to prevent them from typing the world away.